Land excursions

Escursioni naturalistiche

Land excursions

Carbomare agency offers, to those who loves the nature, the possibility to get close to the trekking world thanks to qualified associations, expert in this sector, with the intent of promoting the Aeolian and the Sicilian natural and cultural heritage.

The guides during the excursions impart to the participants their naturalistic, anthropologic and historical knowledges, understood through their long-time experience, providing them with detailed information regarding flora, fauna and geology.
Guides’ technical competence guarantees a safe excursion.

Scalata Stromboli

Scalata Stromboli

Stromboli climbing

Stromboli volcano has a perennial volcanic activity and the quite easy way to reach the mountain make it one of the most explored volcano on walk.

Excursion to the volcano is characterized by steep paths and high summer temperatures that become cold at the top of the mountain, therefore is required good health condition and a suitable equipment.

The climb to the crater ( 924 mt) needs 2hrs30mins stiff uphill and 1h30mins downhill walk through a different path.

The basic essentials for the climbing up includes trekking boots and an electric torch with alkaline batteries. For a suitable excursion the following items are advised: backpack, windcheater/sweater, wind jacket; during the climb shorts are suitable, but long pants necessary on arrival at the observation point, a change of t-shirt, a kerchief to cover nose and mouth against the dust, water (1-2 litres depending on the season), a bread roll, chocolate or dried fruit.

The excursionist should be equipped of a crash helmet that will be distributed by the guides.

The climbing should be always made along the marched paths assisted by an authorized guide – compulsory over 400 mt.


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